Transforming businesses through digital innovation

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There is heightened pressure to transform both business and operations through digital innovation, to enable organisations to respond to accelerated market change, to drive energy transition and to accelerate Industry 4.0 adoption. There is a need for real-time insights, to continuously optimise value and manage change. And organisations are seeking to support new ways of working and improve training and safety.

It is increasingly challenging to develop the right strategy and identify the right technologies and solutions that can support and deliver agile yet predictable operational technology (OT) environments. There may be conflict between ongoing operations and change programs, and ‘business’ and ‘digital’ targets can be misaligned. Speed is of the essence in driving growth, but it is often hard to assess where to invest, and what to invest in, to build a business case for transformational investment and then ensure business value is delivered.

Our Applied Intelligence (AI)  team enables you to intelligently transform with tailored strategic guidance and digital technologies that deliver measurable business value, quickly. By incorporating business objectives and operational realities, clients get an effective solution that can be rolled out quickly and seamlessly while protecting investment spend. The risks of change are reduced, as Wood’s AI team provides clients with a clear demonstration of the value of transformation before engaging in development or deployment. Clients get full visibility of the benefits – whether that is profit improvement, market perception, or reduced downtime – in advance, for example by using virtual commissioning to test designs, deploying digital twin across the asset lifecycle, or simulation tools for operator training.

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Our approach ensures delivery of secure, realistic, digital solutions that are tailored for industrial needs, environments, and use cases, and are fit for purpose and fit-for-future. By creating complete solutions to business problems rather than point solutions to technical problems, clients have fewer integration issues, and the management burden is reduced for best all-round value. This also aids the delivery of real-time insights required to inform decision making, maximising business and operational performance.

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Our innovative environmental technology solutions like ENVision gives our clients actionable insight into the performance of their assets so they can monitor emissions, accelerate decarbonisation and achieve environmental sustainability goals. We help organisations reduce their carbon intensity and use mitigating solutions like carbon capture, storage and offset.

Feature story

Fuelling a carbon-neutral transport future through digital innovation

With an extensive cross-industry expertise in transforming organisations through digital innovation, and a strong history of improving operational and data efficiency, Wood partnered with one of US’s largest refineries to tackle asset, infrastructure and connected-equipment challenges and strengthen their data analytics. Unlocking the power of our proprietary digital smart tools, we enabled flexible data modelling and delivered rapid validation of everchanging data to facilitate automated remote testing of a highly complex control system.

Feature story

Using digital technology to de-risk innovation

Wood has been a key automation partner to a leading automotive manufacturer in the UK since 1997. The production facilities for its new range needed to operate at unprecedented levels of efficiency and reliability. We used our combined expertise in automotive production processes and digital technology to make sure this happened. We employed advanced virtual reality simulation and visualization techniques to provide the client with confidence that the new facility’s design and robotics system would meet the performance required.

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