Ensuring sustained safety, compliance and risk management
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Organisations must ensure sustained safety of the plant, planet and people, compliance with regulatory requirements, and maintenance of physical and digital security. Many are looking to understand how autonomous solutions can help and how they can adopt the use of smart technologies to improve training and testing. They must also be able to demonstrate compliance – and do so efficiently to reduce administrative overheads and show that their operations and IT are secure, sustainable, and meeting energy-use and decarbonization targets.

We help clients reduce and effectively manage the multiple risks they must address, including cybersecurity, health and safety, regulatory compliance, and reputational management and protection. While de-risking transformational change across ongoing operations, our Applied Intelligence team helps clients meet functional safety requirements by constantly monitoring assets and people, and by driving intelligence from data.

A holistic approach ensures that issues don’t ‘fall through the cracks’. This approach also ensures that universal safety and security are managed safely and compliantly in a single way across multiple technologies. Rather than merely implementing a ‘solution’, Wood’s AI team understands concepts such as fault versus warning, or bottleneck states such as blocked or starved.

Based on this knowledge and insight, Wood conducts a process to assess, understand, and address compliance and safety requirements to create fit-for-purpose solutions and help bridge the skills gap to support remote operations and workers as well as offering vision systems, training and competency management, testing, and validation. Finally, operational areas are made more sustainable through digital monitoring and management of emissions and through smart approaches to QA and maintenance that use sensors, analytics and, in remote locations, drones.

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Brad Bonnette
Technical Director, Applied Intelligence
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