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Unlocking solutions

Across the globe, rapid population growth, rising levels of urbanisation and growing climate risks are putting built and natural environments under more pressure than ever before.

These challenges are creating a pressing need for new and improved infrastructure, cleaner industries, adaptive environments and improved access to critical services including water, power and waste sanitation.

At Wood, we are unlocking solutions to meet these challenges head on and build greater levels of sustainability and resilience in the cities and communities where we live, work or visit.

Thriving Cities
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Critical Infrastructure
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Cleaner, Protected
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  • Case study
    Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) Al-Zour refinery project
    The Al-Zour refinery project is a greenfield, environmentally driven project and part of Kuwait’s National Development Plan. The plan sets out the nation’s long-term development priorities, including the aim to position the country as a global hub for the refining and petrochemicals industry.
  • Case study
    High-performance manufacturing for a new automobile range
    Wood’s Machine Vision team out of Michigan is collaborating with a leading global automotive manufacturer, and software technology provider Alitheon, on an in-plant pilot for a cutting-edge AI-enabled vision system that will respond to the traceability challenge in automotive powertrain assembly.
  • Case study
    A world-class pharma facility for Saudi Arabia’s future
    When Pfizer needed a new manufacturing facility for the production and packaging of pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia, we partnered together with our client to provide a wide range of multidisciplinary services
  • Case study
    Wood partners with the world’s largest lyocell fibre manufacturing facility
    Global demand for a reduction in plastic use is driving people and businesses to look for alternative fabrics in sustainable, plastic free clothing and hygiene products. 
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