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Unlocking solutions

Across the globe, rapid population growth, rising levels of urbanisation and growing climate risks are putting built and natural environments under more pressure than ever before.

These challenges are creating a pressing need for new and improved infrastructure, cleaner industries, adaptive environments and improved access to critical services including water, power and waste sanitation.

At Wood, we are unlocking solutions to meet these challenges head on and build greater levels of sustainability and resilience in the cities and communities where we live, work or visit.

Thriving Cities
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Critical Infrastructure
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Cleaner, Protected
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    Ensuring significant data collection to monitor air quality
    Since 1987, Wood has played a crucial and ongoing role in monitoring air quality through its support of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNET)
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Senior Vice President, Sustainable Development
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President, Resilient Environments at Wood
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Global Director – Sustainable & Resilient Infrastructure