Simulation, learning and virtual systems
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Wood’s world-class engineering team is dedicated to the deployment and use of advanced simulations, operations, and commissioning technology.

In a high-pressure and fast-paced environment, the use of simulation, digital twins and digitalisation technology, and e-learning tools are essential parts of a successful project. Not only do these tools improve the design, but they also eliminate risks during commissioning and operations. Our dedicated team of engineers has extensive and varied applications experience, and access to robust learning programs, simulation programs and virtual tools, adding value to any client project.

Wood’s simulation, virtual commissioning and e-learning capabilities have put us on the forefront of project success by proving our fit-for-purpose design. We have made significant investments in these technologies to provide value-add differentiators for our clients.


Our simulation engineers use advanced software to explore and analyse a whole host of ‘what-if?’ scenarios, allowing the performance of each solution to be optimised.

For oil & gas operations, our Intelligent Operations team is specifically dedicated to helping clients design and manage the development and operations of onshore and offshore assets. Wood has supported clients across the globe with these services for more than 20 years.

For facility automation operations, we offer our discrete event simulation (DES) capability, which enhances efficiencies of processes and systems. DES enables visualisation of the process or system by creating 2D and 3D models of logical systems and abstract processes. Actual resource availability, including people and real-time performance data such as MTBF & MTTR, can be used. By measuring the performance and collecting all the necessary data, reports can provide detailed analysis. It is then possible to run experiments and ‘what-if’ scenarios, try multiple low-cost no-risk configurations, and then roll out verified solutions. This visualisation, analysis and optimisation provides evidence and insight into your system or process that all stakeholders can understand. We create these virtual models to demonstrate exactly how our solution will work, using programs such as Robcad, Siemens NX and WinMod.

Virtual Commissioning

Wood offers offsite testing platforms in a virtual environment that accurately reflects the real factory, with seamlessly integrated hardware, programmable logic controller (PLC) and robotic systems. In this context, the model could be a 2D or 3D CAD digital twin of the actual facility. Strict adherence to proven processes and group-wide standards – together with an integral, closed-loop issue-reporting and tracking system, accessible via a dedicated Intranet site – minimises human error and ensures continuity.

We also recreate production and maintenance scenarios that would otherwise be impossible or dangerous. In addition to reducing costs, performing rigorous simulation and virtual commissioning, we also minimise the risk of machinery damage and related safety issues – thereby keeping your project on schedule.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

E-learning is the tool of choice to supplement classroom-based training, enabling students to study and learn at their own pace. Wood’s OperatorSuite™is designed specifically to deliver e-learning solutions for scientific and engineering disciplines. With its interactive quizzes and web-based operations, OperatorSuite™ provides standardised, structured and engaging training. OperatorSuite™ is also shareable, so it can easily integrate with any third-party learning management system.

The modules are focused on providing fundamental understanding of equipment, unit operations and systems found in the process industries. Combined with Wood’s ProDyn and VP Link process simulations, the package is an extensive platform to handle most client training requirements.

Wood also offers our interactive OperatorSuite™ learning and competence management system to help manage and monitor workforce training, easily track progress, and show training compliance.

Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Wood’s in-house VR benefits are vast and can add significant value to operations, particularly in areas such as training, safety and decommissioning.

Our customisable technology allows users to experience environments and learn through realistic graphic scenarios in a controlled, safe, cost-efficient and repeatable manner. Its delivery is flexible and can use the client's 3D drawings. Whether providing the ability to walk around structures on the seabed, or see the real-life implications of safety action, we can design, build, and connect unique virtual, augmented and extended reality solutions to suit your needs.

Testing and Validation

Our projects are supported by our rigorous testing processes, validated externally with ISO9001:2000 accreditation, and by our internal quality manager. Throughout all of our design, assembly and installation processes, we monitor and analyse key elements in your system to ensure prevention of potential errors. Typical test processes include:

  • Proof of design concept - use of virtual reality techniques to simulate and confirm performance levels of facilities
  • Software validation - ensures desired functionality will be achieved by linking the PLC and SCADA software to a virtual reality model, and fully simulating the controlling software and diagnostics
  • Assembly testing - critical inspection and testing of control panels and modular components to ensure they meet the design requirements
  • Installation testing - inspection and certification of electrical installations on sites in accordance with NICEIC standards
  • Performance testing - compares facility performance with the original client requirements, ensuring critical and contractual aspects are always met before project sign-off
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