DeepRiser - drilling riser analysis​

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The industry-standard tool for global drilling riser analysis

DeepRiser is an integrated engineering tool designed specifically to optimise and streamline the global analysis of marine drilling riser systems.

Global analysis of drilling riser systems is required to provide the necessary assurance that offshore drilling operations can be conducted safely and efficiently and for developing well-specific operating guidelines for riser and vessel operations. DeepRiser is the industry's only dedicated tool providing comprehensive global drilling riser analysis capabilities backed up by Wood's renowned software support service.

The software is built from the ground up as an engineering tool, with inputs in familiar engineering terms and highly automated analyses that significantly enhance productivity. At its core, DeepRiser is powered by a highly-validated finite element analysis engine that has been used throughout the offshore industry for more than 25 years.

The software is used by oil & gas companies, drilling contactors, riser equipment suppliers and engineering consultancies, making it the industry's tool of choice for global drilling riser analysis.

Benefits include

  • 'Engineering tool' design philosophy and intuitive user interface facilitates quick and easy software familiarisation
  • Complex riser models can be built quickly, increasing productivity and allowing engineers to focus their time on engineering rather than modelling
  • Productivity-enhancing features including highly automated analyses with multiple load cases and automatic results generation
  • Facilitates all types of global drilling riser analysis including: stack-up selection and top tension calculation, operability, drift-off/drive-off, riser deployment and retrieval, hang-off, weak point, wave fatigue, conductor axial capacity assessment
  • The industry's only commercially-available recoil analysis capability
  • Built-in interface to Shear7 for vortex-induced vibration fatigue analysis
  • Seamless integration with Optima - the most comprehensive and technically capable onboard riser management solution
  • Backed-up by unrivalled client support service - over 90% of support queries are closed out within one working day

Operator training simulator software

ProDyn is a powerful, dynamic tool to teach and test the various operations of a process model, creating a realistic training environment.

The rigorous, thermodynamically accurate modelling engine provides unparalleled accuracy and high-fidelity results. The intuitive interface closely matches those used by many operator systems.

Our software is web-enabled for simple deployment across many facilities, making it convenient for on-demand refresher courses. It connects directly to distributed control systems (DCS) systems, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) displays, and third-party packages using the industry-standard open platform communications (OPC) interface, and can be expanded with custom models when required.

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