NEXUS IC – asset integrity management software

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Flexible, world-class integrity management software

Wood NEXUS Integrity Centre facilitates the building of integrity frameworks for all asset types, in any industry. The software can meet all-of-facility integrity needs across the life cycle and will integrate with your computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) to help you reduce data duplication and improve productivity.

NEXUS IC manages information to enable:

  • Storage of live asset information during operation
  • Anomaly tracking from initial discovery to close out
  • Storage of inspection and condition-monitoring data
  • Real-time calculations to predict and analyse common integrity issues
  • Routines to automate reporting on current integrity status and integrity management strategy
  • Dynamic risk assessment from real-time data/inspection results
  • Planning for fixed interval and bespoke risk-based inspection (RBI) scheduling

NEXUS IC can interface, use and update information in a wide range of different systems such as SAP and other CMMS systems, GIS systems, and common historian systems.

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Free webinar

Nexus IC webinar

Learn how you can optimise integrity and inspection data management using the next generation of NEXUS IC.

You'll learn how to:

  • Make data-driven decisions to ensure integrity, availability and profitability
  • Automate integrity management workflows to reduce operational costs
  • Increase inspection efficiency through risk-based schedules and mobile data collection

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NEXUS provides a platform for a company to build a fully tailored Asset and Integrity Management system. Existing templates use industry standards, however, these can be extensively customised to fit within a company's existing processes.

Asset management

Assets are organised into a hierarchal structure, there can be one or more of these views. Each view can represent the same set of assets, for example by physical location, and by business unit.

Each asset has an Asset Type, and each Asset Type can contain 0 or more groups of information. Each information group is a configurable form of data that can be used to record static asset information, dynamic information, and calculations.


NEXUS is built upon a graphical function builder. The function builder allows configuration of complex mathematical, decisional, and statistical functions.

There is a validation centre provided as well so that validation checks can be added to every function to ensure the function is performing calculations correctly and can be verified by external standards.

Data analysisNexus data analsyis image

Charting and data analysis can be customised to define trends, track degradation of assets and compare different assets. Charts are built upon asset data or inspection data and utilise the functions to provide comprehensive, filterable datasets.

Integrated GIS

GIS is integrated directly into NEXUS, common open sources for maps are provided using live free sources. Internal mapping services can be configured in NEXUS for custom maps.

Any data from within NEXUS can be overlaid onto the map, providing positional context of data.

Video playback

Embedded multi-channel video playback provides quick and efficient viewing of video. NEXUS will seek directly to the time of the Task/Event/Anomaly, quickly allowing review of recorded data and view areas of interest.

New support for Microsoft Azure allows you to store all your video in the cloud, reducing on-premise costs and providing playback anywhere you have an internet connection.

3D viewsNexus 3D views

New support for viewing 3D design drawings, additionally linking to assets is performed automatically allowing you to navigate the asset hierarchy.

Pipeline profiles have been upgraded to provide 3D views. Cross-Profile or AUV data is used to build a realistic mesh of the seabed and then overlay the pipeline and event data.

Internal pipeline defects

Internal pipe defects are also supported along with assessments conforming to industry standards, such as B31G and DNV-RP-F101.

Defects can be viewed side-by-side with external issues highlighting where these occur together for smarter maintenance and rectification work to be planned and performed.


Live real-time risk assessments are performed on each and every asset. Pre-built risk models such as API 580 and API 581 are available. Alternatively, new models can be built to analyse any set of parameters, or the existing models can be modified as required.

Any number of models can be defined and assigned to each asset, providing the ability to compare different codes and optimise RBI as required.

Supported platforms

Integrity and risk models rely on data from numerous sources.  NEXUS can connect directly with CMMS, Historian and Doc Control systems to either retrieve data as required or to transmit key outputs such as risk, inspection frequency, cost and reports.

CMMS softwareHistorianDoc Control

Digital video recorders

Similarly, IC-Inspection can be used to remote control digital video recorders during online inspection providing a permanent link between the inspection data and the video record.  In addition to controlling its own IC-Recorder, the following DVRs have been provided with protocol information to enable remote control by IC-Inspection v6.   Wood recommends contacting the DVR provider to confirm compatibility prior to mobilisation.

  • Pontus DVR
  • Digital Edge
  • Visual DVR
  • Fugro DVR
  • NETmc DVR

(Custom interfaces for DVR control using IC-Inspection 5 have been developed for recorders from NETmc, VisualSoft, EdgeDVR and biyn DVR Systems.)

Interface protocols

You can interface other systems to NEXUS IC by means of a standard REST service or other standard protocols which we maintain. In this way, you can request data from or pass data to NEXUS IC.

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