Asset performance management (APM) - enhanced production management, optimised operations and improved performance surveillance.

Wood provides robust, real-time online and offline digital tools for the efficient management of oil & gas operations. Virtuoso® is a field-proven suite of software tools with more than 20 years of successful performance in the field. Our purpose-built Virtuoso-based solutions provide a variety of operational and commercial functionalities based on the unique challenges of each of our clients' installations. Our solutions are designed to address the most complex single and multiphase gathering, production, transportation and processing issues.

Customers use Virtuoso for online asset operations performance management and virtual well flow metering. It is also used for performing engineering studies, operator training and simulation of integrated assets, including wells, pipelines and processing facility operations both onshore and offshore. Virtuoso provides vital monitoring and advisory functions, ensures operational integrity, enables production operations management and optimisation, provides times performance assessment, and facilitates planning, forecasting and data analysis.

More than 100 Virtuoso systems have been deployed over the last 20+ years for onshore and offshore black oil and gas condensate operations worldwide. These systems have been widely used for the following applications:

  • Virtual multiphase flow metering and allocation
  • Well integrity and performance surveillance
  • Well optimisation and programmed well operating guideline and control
  • Total asset performance management - asset/pipeline/process performance monitoring and control, including operating pressure and temperature envelope, slugging and liquid hold-up, line-pack, leak detection and location, flow restriction or blockage detection, scraper/pig tracking and forecasting
  • Production process flow management and analytics, including ramp-up, shut-down, start-up, shut-down operations forecasting and optimisation
  • Flow assurance advisory, including wax formation, hydrate management & propensity assessment, corrosion hot spot monitoring, chemical inhibitor dosage and concentration tracking
  • Pipeline leak detection and blockage/restriction detection
  • Production meter balancing and reconciliation
  • Upstream/topside process control and optimisation, including separator, pump and compressor
  • Gas processing plant blending and optimisation
  • Linepack management and capacity assessment
  • Field instrument analytics and failure detection
  • Engineering simulator to develop operating procedures, study control philosophy, plan future expansions and training
  • Operator Training System (OTS), including options for VP Link & ProDyn
  • Flare system monitoring

Today, Virtuoso is used to help manage the world’s key gas resources, fuelling 10% of the global consumption of this vital commodity.

Wood’s Virtuoso software suite includes offline packages such as:

  • Virtuoso/ES - Engineering Simulator
  • Virtuoso/OTS - Operator Trainer System

The Virtuoso online packages include:

  • Virtuoso/VMS - virtual metering system
  • Virtuoso/Monitor - operations monitoring
  • Virtuoso/LDS - leak detection system
  • Virtuoso/Advise - operations advisory
  • Virtuoso/Optimise - operations optimisation
  • Virtuoso/Control - operations closed-loop control with SCADA/DCS
  • Virtuoso/Analytics - data analysis & processing
  • Virtuoso/EOR-SAGD - steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) operations
  • Virtuoso/Flare - flare system monitoring
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