Asset protection solutions

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Process control and safety systems to protect your assets

Wood designs and implements process control and safety systems to protect your assets. Our offering in asset protection systems includes cybersecurity, physical security and leak-detection components.

As a full-services system integrator, Wood designs and implements fully integrated process control and safety systems. As such, we employ intelligence to secure information within the systems. The major components of our asset protection platform address cybersecurity, physical security and leak detection.


Wood designs, configures, integrates, commissions and protects the general life-cycle requirements in order to ensure the integrity of networks that constitute and interface to industrial control systems (ICS). Our area of expertise includes the implementation of the latest industry standards, including ISA 99/IEC 62443 and NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Cybersecurity considerations are key in designing and implementing control system networks. This practice area includes consultation for network design as well as project reviews to ensure compliance with client and industry standards. Our cybersecurity resources keep abreast of the latest industry intelligence regarding current threats and advisories that warn of industrial control system vulnerabilities and exploits.

Physical security

Wood has experience with a multitude of hardware and software tools systems providing security protections for customer assets. These include:

  • Intrusion detection and assessment systems (IDAS) – facility perimeter sub-sensors and imaging systems, including field video, connected to the alarm management system
  • Long-range detection and assessment systems (LRDAS)- A combination of radar and cameras to facilitate target recognition, identification and discrimination
  • Microwave intrusion detection systems (MIDS) - Detects an intruder greater than 34 kilograms running, jumping, walking, slow walking, crouch walking, crawling on hands and knees, and crawling prone with the body both perpendicular to and parallel to the 8 meter-wide detection zone
  • Fibre optic fence sensor systems (FOFSS) – constructed on the side of the barbed tape wire (concertina) on top of an anti-personnel fence fabric to detect an intruder attempting to penetrate and provides the specified probability of detection (PD) and confidence factor (CF)
  • Plate recognition system (PRS) - monitors and registers vehicles entering or exiting a facility via front license plate and vehicle front. Has the capability to alert staff when suspect vehicle approaches and matches that within a central database
  • Security access control system (SACS) - comprises hardware and software needed to electronically authenticate a request by personnel to access a facility and to notify security of any unauthorized attempts. Prevents vehicles or any personnel from entering the facility without clearance

Leak detection

Wood utilises a robust real-time online and offline software system, Virtuoso®, to efficiently manage oil & gas operations, including process facilities. The Virtuoso/LDS component specifically addresses leak detection. Using field-proven simulation technology, Virtuoso/LDS shows probability with a recognition algorithm and alarm notification. Virtuoso/LDS details pinpoint leak location, rate of leak occurring and cumulative release amount.

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