For over 100 years, Wood has supported the design, fabrication, operation, and maintenance of fired equipment.

Aftermarket services are an integral part of our business and a key factor in achieving maximum plant reliability and cost-effective performance. Our service is backed by a global network of manufacturing, engineering and client service centres. We meet the tightest schedules while achieving the most competitive pricing through global sourcing.

Our team of experts provide preventive condition monitoring, maintenance support, rapid response repair work, and replacement parts to return clients’ fired heaters or boilers to original condition or upgrade them to current designs and standards.

Fired Heaters

Many of our fired heaters are still performing well beyond their original design life demonstrating our commitment to providing quality and performance for our clients.  No matter the age, location, or manufacturer of your fired heater, we can provide aftermarket services and support your operational, maintenance and upgrading goals. Learn more about our fired heater expertise.

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We have a long track record of successful retrofit projects, acting as OEM or working on another supplier’s equipment. With our detailed knowledge of the energy, utility and process industries, as well as our design experience, we can support our clients with boiler life extensions, efficiency improvements, fuel conversions and reduction of emissions challenges. Learn more about our industrial power equipment.

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Our fired heater and boiler aftermarket services include:


Tap into our intimate knowledge of your asset and the global industry practices.

  • Feasibility and Engineering Studies

Wood is the partner of choice for comprehensive feasibility and engineering studies. Our aftermarket division have an experienced multi-disciplinary team that can provide comprehensive solutions to evaluate improvements designs or mechanical impacts for your equipment.

  • Revamp services

We support our clients with asset life-extensions, efficiency improvements, capacity increases, fuel conversions and reduction of emissions.

  • Field services

Site inspections and audits by our field engineers help our clients to make maintenance and improvement decisions, or to complete failure root cause analyses.

  • Metallurgical consulting services

Materials for the construction of new and existing fired heaters may require careful review and selection due to crude slate changes and chemical process improvements.


Replace in-kind or with a metallurgical upgrade to extend the asset life with the precision and quality of our genuine components.

  • Replacement parts

We have built strong client relationships by providing high-quality replacement parts for our own fired heater units and for units manufactured by others. Our replacement parts are known for their world-class quality, competitive pricing and expedited delivery schedules. We continually improve the design and materials of our replacement parts to meet or exceed original OEM specifications and standards. All our parts are inspected prior to shipment, backed by a comprehensive warranty and a client service that is second to none.


Integrate, digitise, and upgrade your asset to efficiently meet and exceed production targets.

  • Service Agreements

Through service agreements, we provide comprehensive and cost-effective maintenance programs, ranging from inspections to outage equipment supply and construction services, resulting in minimum unplanned repair work.

  • Performance optimisation

We are the leading provider of asset performance solutions , with unrivalled expertise across the asset life cycle. Our all-of-facility care includes specialist services spanning the entire spectrum of integrity, with expert knowledge in risk-based inspection, operations readiness, maintenance strategies, fitness for service, asset optimisation, training, risk and assurance.

  • Boiler instrumentation and control systems

Our instrumentation and control systems will improve clients’ power and industrial plants reliability and safety, whilst lowering operational costs.  We are experienced as system integrator, including the design of the system architecture, development of software and commissioning.


For any enquiries, please use our contact form . If you have a Wood unit, please provide us with your contract number or serial number (located on the nameplate) or general arrangement drawing number to assist us in retrieving documents within our database. If your inquiry concerns any other manufacturers, please provide appropriate drawings or descriptions.

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