Securing future supply: Can the Middle East become a global hydrogen player?

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This podcast is part of the Insights@ADIPEC 2022 series recorded live at the event, where we discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the energy sector with industry experts and influencers.

We discuss how the Middle East can become a global hydrogen player. We cover the key steps to maximise the regions hydrogen potential, the technology commercialisation required and the likely impact of COP27 on future strategy.


1. What are the key steps to maximise the advantages that the Middle East has for developing the hydrogen industry?

2: What are the key technologies that can best utilise investment and lead to commercialisation of the region’s natural resources?

3: What would you like to see coming out of COP27 to support the Middle East’s development as it aims to become a global hydrogen leader?

Stuart Turl
Business Development Director - Energy Transition
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