Delayed coking

Market leader in delayed coking technology.

Most delayed coking units are designed to maximise the production of liquid products and minimise coke production, which is usually of fuel-grade quality coke. Our extensive delayed coking licensing and design experience means we can design units for production of all types of product: fuel, anode, and needle coke.

Our SYDEC (selective-yield delayed coking) technology is a market leader. We have designed and engineered more delayed coking units than any other technology provider or engineering contractor.

Our capability for new plants and revamps covers a full range of services, from studies; process design packages; front-end engineering design (FEED); engineering, procurement and construction (EPC); engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM); commissioning; start-up and operations assistance; comprehensive training and knowledge transfer with KnowledgeWeb™; design and supply of delayed coking heaters; coke drum replacement and safety improvement; API fitness-for-service evaluation; fatigue life evaluation on coke drums; and ongoing licensor support services.

We also design, build and maintain fired heaters, which differentiates us in this market and separates our technology from the competition. We have supplied more than 70 delayed coking heaters to 50+ delayed coking units, with single heater capacities ranging from 6,000 to 35,000 bpd, in both single- and double-fired configurations.

Key benefits of our technology:

  • Easy integration to enable the process of heavier, cheaper crudes
  • Complete residue conversion, including low-value residues to high-value fuels
  • Maximised production with minimum fuel coke yields
  • Feedstock flexibility to process residue, pitch or partially converted material
  • Extended run-lengths between spalling and turnarounds
  • Enhanced operator safety
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