iWIT™ well integrity management software

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Improving well integrity management with a proactive, digital approach
A one-stop solution for integrity and broader well operation management needs

iWIT™ is a comprehensive, web-based software toolkit designed to meet the demand for integrity management of wells. It is not only oil & gas producing wells that need continuous real-time integrity monitoring to avoid failures. Find out more about addressing integrity issues in underground gas storage.

iWIT automates and streamlines well data into a single environment that applies business rules for a comprehensive and consistent understanding of operational conditions and the integrity of your assets for the full life cycle. iWIT delivers immediate, web-based management by exception and decision support for engineers and managers.

Key benefits
  • Improve safety through increased certainty of well integrity issues
  • Receive early warning of integrity anomalies and production threats, using real-time data when available
  • Reduce costs with fewer workovers and increased uptime in support of production optimisation initiatives
  • Track and mitigate risk with the incorporation of complex business logic and the ability to rank wells
  • Access advanced analytical capabilities, including integrated corrosion modeling and reliability analysis
  • Comply with regulatory requirements, standards and recommended practices, including ISO 16530-2 Well Integrity in the Operational Phase and NORSOK D-010 Well integrity in drilling and well operations

Integrating with your existing systems, robust validation rules are applied to mitigate or identify erroneous data and deliver key performance indicators from the company level down to individual well levels. Traffic-light-style monitoring supports early identification of well component failures and alerts highlight wells operating unsafely.

iWIT is a full-service solution and we work in partnership with you to deliver business value from day one. We employ rigorous and proven implementation methodologies for both full-scale and pilot deployments for single assets through to enterprise-wide solutions covering your entire portfolio. After the iWIT system goes live, you will have access to multiple support options and become a member of our active and growing customer community.

Contact us to discuss how we can help make effective well integrity management a reality.

New well barrier schematic module

The latest release of iWIT (2021) features an enhanced well barrier schematic module that allows you to:

  • Automatically draw a well barrier schematic
  • Add to and modify well design data
  • Receive warnings about changes to well design data imported or entered into iWIT
  • Define well barriers
  • Identify safety critical equipment (SCE) with well barrier element status
  • Maintain well barrier element status across versions
  • Check integrity with barrier verification and monitoring
  • Add well and well barrier notes
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