Combining our decades of experience and engineering innovation we are always on a quest to unlock new value.

We create performance- driven solutions that predict, prevent and prepare so your assets can run better, longer and safer. Our data scientists develop powerful tools for customers to gain deep insights on their operations to improve asset design, extend life and reduce decommissioning costs. We can provide end-to-end software solutions for every point in the asset life cycle. We improve our customers’ ability to collect, monitor and analyse information on their assets. With better visibility on performance, operators can make informed decisions on the future of their assets.

Ensuring data continuity through the life cycle

Wood works across the globe with customers and technology partners to co-create solutions and help solve complex and challenging problems. Our software solutions are proven to simplify the design process, make operations more efficient, and keep assets connected.

Our network of more than 2000 engineers, scientists and discipline experts are serving 250+ customers in over 40 countries.

Our solutions connect and integrate data to improve and optimise asset performance across the design, build and operate phases.

Partner solutions

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Connected design solutions

In the design stage there is tremendous potential to unlock our performance and reduce costs for our clients. Collaborative technologies help us share and review solutions with a wider audience, refining our concepts and targeting design challenges before they reach the later stages of development.

Connected build solutions

At build-level, enhancements to project management and construction support capitalise on the efficiencies created at design stage. New software and hardware solutions transform workflow through construction and into commissioning.

Connected operate solutions

Connected operations leverage our outstanding automation knowledge. Control systems allow us to operate remotely, gathering and processing data, not just across assets, but across entire infrastructures, connected facilities and networked...